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Mary Moon

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I see a world in need of a revolution.  I'd like to offer a fresh perspective on what revolution can look like. 

Early in 2020, as the Covid Pandemic began... this quote inspired me to take action:

"Start where you are, 
use what you have, 
do what you can." 
         - Arthur Ashe


  • Where I am:  Forty-something year old legal professional by day, following my whims and passions as an alchemist/creative/wildling by night.  I'm on a decades long journey to overcome the struggles of chronic illness to live a full and vibrant life.  I’ve spent more time in a place of hopelessness, despair and disempowerment than I care to admit and that any human should have to.  I know that I’m far from alone in this experience. My journey has taken me down endless paths, involved great many setbacks and just as many triumphs.  Along the way, I’ve learned that the only sustainable way to heal and grow is to address the whole self...physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and then reflect on how that self relates to the collective.


  • What I have:  cabinets full of herbs, infused oils & tinctures; my creativity and imagination; powerful healing hands (as I’m told); a Mary Poppins style carpet bag of tools, resources, knowledge and devices; a shit-ton of care and compassion; and the strong desire to be a catalyst for change and help empower others to take their health and happiness into their own hands.  


  • What I can do:  During the thick of the pandemic when we were all under strict lockdown, I recognized how little bandwidth and tolerance I have for digital interaction.  The one effective way I found to be able to show my care and support to those I was feeling most distant from was to send care packages.  It brought me so much joy to curate these little boxes of goodies.  It was an act of devotion.   I held each person in my heart as I created and packaged the items.  I walked away from each box feeling the weight of the world lessen on my shoulders.  I could breath deeper.  I could smile bigger.   The heartfelt messages I got from those that received the packages showed me that they too felt the same soothing, peaceful and loving energy when they unboxed them.   This nurturing exchange inspired me into action, sparking the vision for NEXUS and the CSA Offering.





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