Customizable Handmade Gift Set - 5 Items

Customizable Handmade Gift Set - 5 Items

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All items are handmade by me with loving intentions and healing energy.  This curated care package includes:

1) 6-serving package of tea

2) 2oz. pump bottle of herb infused body and aromatherapy oil

3) 1oz dropper bottle of herbal tincture

4) your choice of a handpoured 4 oz soy meditation candle adorned with pressed flowers OR 2 oz tin of healing hand salve

5) your choice of a blank handmade cyanotype greeting card OR an herb pillow (to put in your pillowcase or use as potpourri). 


See below for more info on customization options and item details.

  • Energy Balancing Body Oil

    All made with 50/50 blend of coconut and sunflower oils, organic and unrefined.  For use as massage oil, to dab on acupoints or simply for aromatherapy.


    Root - Clove and cinnamon infused with cedarwood essential oil and black tourmaline crystals.  Used for grounding, stability and physical vitality.  The root chakra physically governs the feet, legs, bones and adrenal glands.


    Sacral - Hibiscus flowers infused with orange essential oil and carnelian crystals.  Used for creativity, sensuality and healing.  The sacral chakra physically governs the lungs, urinary and reproductive systems.


    Solar Plexus - Rosemary infused with peppermint essential oil and citrine crystals.  Used for self-worth and empowerment.  The solar plexus chakra physically governs metabolism, the liver, pancreas and digestive organs.


    Heart - Rose buds infused with neroli essential oil and rose quartz crystals.  Used for compassion, connection and emotional balance.  The heart chakra physically governs the heart, blood/circulation, arms and thymus gland.


    Throat - Chamomile infused with eucalyptus essential oil and lapis lazuli crystals.  Used for communication and self-expression.  The throat chakra physically governs the ears, nose, throat, neck, vocal chords and thyroid gland.


    Third Eye - Passionflower infused with sage essential oil and amethyst crystals.  Used for imagination, vision and intuition.  The third eye chakra physically governs the eyes, autonomic nervous system, brain and pituitary gland.


    Crown - Lavender infused with frankincense essential oil and clear quartz crystals.  Used for enlightenment, connection with the divine and cosmic consciousness.  The crown chakra physically governs the head, central nervous system and pineal gland.

  • Sublingual Herbal Remedy Tinctures

    Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs that you take orally. All Nexus tinctures are extracted using 180 proof organic cane sugar alcohol. Tinctures are potent and convenient to use. Because they are taken under the tongue and go directly into the bloodstream, they tend to take effect quicker than remedies that have to navigate the digestive system.  Multiple herbs are combined in these blends for synergistic action on a specific organ or body system.


    Heart Tonic - good for the both physical and emotional heart health.  Promotes circulation and supports emotional balance.  Blend of motherwort* and hawthorn berry, leaves & flowers.


    Immune Support + Viral Defense - especially useful as a preventative during cold & flu season to give your body a little extra boost.  Blend of astragalus root, black elderberry, echinacea, cat's claw, lemon balm and licorice root.


    Love Your Liver Tonic - support your liver in its endless task of detoxifying harmful substances from the body.  This blend of milk thistle, burdock root & seed, black walnut hull, dandelion (whole plant), turmeric, astragalus and licorice also has strong anti-inflammatory properties.


    Nervous System Tonic - great for anxiety and insomnia, this well-rounded blend of nervines and adaptogens work together to create a balancing effect on the nervous system, helping it to stay regulated.  Magnolia bark, holy basil, ashwagandha, motherwort*, passionflower and schisandra berry.


    *NOTE:  Motherwort should be avoided during pregnancy.  

    Additional dosage, care and use instructions are included in the package.

  • Other Item Information

    Find Your Balance - Signature Tea Blend


    Formulated with the intention to bring the body's seven main energy centers closer to balance, this blend contains:

    • clove for root
    • hibiscus for sacral
    • rosemary for solar plexus
    • rosebud for heart
    • chamomile for throat
    • passionflower for third eye
    • lavender for crown


    Choice of Meditation Candle or Healing Hand Salve


    Meditation Candles are hand poured soy adorned with pressed flowers in a 4oz tin.  Each includes a suggested fire gazing meditation on the bottom of the tin.


    Healing Hand Salve is a multi-purpose salve of moisturizing and skin soothing oils and herbs.  Gentle, safe and effective on any skin wound, rash or irritation.   Some feedback I've cured a nasty poison ivy rash overnight and soothed and nicely healed a fresh tattoo!


    Choice of Herb Pillow or Handmade Greeting Card

    Dream pillows have been used by many cultures throughout history to soothe babies and adults into sweet, blissful sleep. They can banish headaches/anxiety/depression, ward off nightmares and encourage dreams of the lucid, visionary and prophetic variety.

    To use a dream pillow, place it inside your pillowcase. You can gently roll the pillow in your palms to encourage a stronger scent. Alternatively, you can use the pillow as potpourri in a drawer, or wherever you would like to enjoy some aromatherapy.


    Original Handmade Greeting Cards are made using an old photographic process called cyanotype, or blueprinting or solar printing. A photosensitive solution is applied to the paper. Objects are then arranged on the paper and exposed to the sun. The parts of the treated paper that were exposed turn a stunning prussian blue. The paper is then rinsed and dried. I love this medium for showcasing sexy botanical silhouettes!