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Energy is everything and everything is energy.  All the things that you see and feel and sense are energy vibrating at different frequencies.  As modern humans we encounter an onslaught of things 24/7/365 that can either harmonize our own unique frequency, or de-harmonize us.  When we are in harmonic resonance, we feel joy and hope, we feel healthy and vibrant.  When we are de-harmonized we can feel anxious or depressed, apathetic and unmotivated, and physically unwell.  Energy healing is a beautifully simple and powerful way to help clear de-harmonizing energy from our energetic field and feel more whole and alive again.  

I experienced a powerful energy clearing session with Mary during a time I was in a vulnerable emotional state.  I felt supported and safe during the entire process and completely comfortable to cry my eyes out when needed.  After the session, I experienced clear signs that the energy attached to my personal situation had been transmuted.  It pushed my healing process in a direction I desperately was needing.  I would recommend Mary to any friends/family for energy work.  Her calm yet in control energy is perfect for anyone who might have doubts or nervousness about exploring this avenue of therapy as she gently and thoroughly guides you through the entire session.

I had never experienced reiki before having my session with Mary.  I felt so comfortable and relaxed.  I was able to fully let go and be fully in the experience.  I have now had two reiki sessions and each time I have had creative visions pop into my mind that I have been able to express in my art.  Beyond that, it was also an extremely healing experience with several of my health issues.  I can't wait to have another one soon!

I have Mary come to my property regularly to bless and cleanse. As a farmer, I notice that the animals are happier and my plants grow more vibrantly after she’s spent time with them. My customers constantly tell me that there is just something special about my vegetables and eggs that they can’t quite put into words. I can guarantee it has something to do the energy that Mary lends to everything here.

I, myself, always feel such a sense of peace, calm and release of tension from my body when Mary is  here walking the land.

Thank you so much again for smudging!! I appreciate it.  We've been sleeping great!!  No more issues with the electronics turning themselves on and the dogs seem much calmer.  I'm so grateful!

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