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NEXUS is the sweet spot between
science, art, nature, and nurture.

Based just south of Buffalo, NY, NEXUS was founded by Mary (Moon) Hermans in Fall of 2020 as a way to share her creative gifts & healing apothecary tools with those who are desiring a way to reconnect to their bodies, hearts and spirits.

There are only 20 spots available for our first annual Herbal CSA
(Community Supported Apothecary)

You'll get four seasonal care packages sent to your home (or picked up if you're near Buffalo, NY) this upcoming winter, spring, summer and fall with exactly what you to assist your wellness each season including:

    - 4-5 seasonally inspired herbal preparations

    - 1 piece of handmade art

    - The NEXUS Revolution zine

    - 17% discount on all items in the NEXUS artisan shop

Instead of veggies from a local farm, the Seasonal Revolutions of Care CSA offers you four boxes of devotionally handcrafted goodies to revolutionize your own self-care in tune with the broader revolution of the seasons. 


The quarterly boxes will include a combination of herbal offerings, informational resources and artwork that play in communion with each other and the energies of the season at hand.

  • There's a magic that happens when you treat everything as sacred, and do everything with devotional intention.  Except it's not just magic, it's also science...entrainment to be specific. It's energy oscillating at a certain frequency that's sent out as a beacon, in this case to a specific person, for their energy to move into resonance with.  From me, and now NEXUS, you don't just get a box filled with bottles and're also getting an energy signature that's charged into the whole package intended for your highest good.