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Nexus Botanical Arts, a creative sanctuary founded by artist Mary Hermans, is a harmonious fusion of nature, artistry and ecologically mindful practices.  Mary brings new life to clothing and accessories through her innovative use of natural dye and cyanotype techniques, transforming pedestrian pieces into wearable works of art. 

In addition to clothing, Mary offers a unique and eclectic collection of home décor, jewelry and herbal apothecary items all created using responsibly foraged or locally grown botanicals.    Nexus Botanical Arts is a testament of Mary’s commitment to harnessing the beauty and power of nature to share with the world.


Meet Founder & Creative

Hi, I'm Mary...a quiet renegade, knowledge & skill collector, pragmatic mystic and general weirdo with a punk rock spirit.  I work as a legal professional by day, and by night, follow my whims and passions as an alchemist, creative, and wildling.  I've been on a decades-long journey to overcome the struggles of chronic illness and lead a full and vibrant life.  I've spent more time in a place of hopelessness, pain and disempowerment than I care to admit and that any human should endure.  I know I am far from alone in this experience.  

I started Nexus in late 2020 with the intention to create a service-based business aimed at empowering others with the plant medicines, energy work, mindset management and movement practices that aided my own growth and healing.  As I continued to follow my natural inclinations and curiosities, I found myself evolving more into an artist and maker - the role I was always meant for but somehow didn't realize!  So, here we are, three years later.  Nexus has now transformed into a creative space where I get to play with plants and create pretty things, which I then take to markets and meet lots of really lovely people.   Connecting with folks in this way, over a shared love of art and nature, has filled a little pocket of emptiness in my soul and brought me oodles of joy.  Thank you for being here with me!                                                                    ☺

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A unique and eclectic collection of  clothing, home décor, jewelry and herbal apothecary items all created using responsibly foraged or locally grown botanicals.


See where you can find me, my art and wares out in the real world at events such as teaching workshops, markets and art exhibitions


A gentle and potent combination of modalities including reiki, healing touch, acupressure  frequency therapy and chakra balancing


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